Double Dolphin farm - snowflake, AZ - 4/26-4/30 - 2017


Come out to Double Dolphin Farm near Snowflake, AZ and join us for 5 days of large scale art, music, performance art, and interactive participation. The AZBurners are an interactive group of artists, performers, musicians and participants of the Burning Man event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.


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 Theme 2016 ** Reverberation **


  Giving Rise to Causation.  This years theme is meant to inspire art through sound, where together we may vibrate our unique signatures into magnificent expressions of what moves us.  
  As we interact and expand we express our true nature. You are invited to create through active participation, to contribute with the joy of reverberating artistic endeavors.  
  Reverberation - Giving Rise to Causation Reverberation - Giving Rise to Causation  
  In a single moment Sound was formed, and for that moment, it was pleasing to itself. Pleasing in such a way that it longed to share itself with the world. The journey began. As Sound traveled it explored its rustling vibrations. Echoing from canyon walls and spilling itself into water falls where it roared and crescendoed into a more beautiful composition than was ever known.  
  Yearning, Sound reached out and joined hands with the complexities of the vast universe, pushing and pulling itself against gravitational force. It pulsed through the atmosphere and exploded with great symphonic force, dancing among the planets and stars, attracting motion into balance. Sound harmonized with dissonance and resonance, gave way to stillness through silence, and sang itself into a cacophony of brilliance. Reverberating a collective reflection of their own frequencies, sound and light intertwined. They gathered great power and beauty and created such visions of the infinite from which they were born.  
  Sound was home and creation began.  
  Reverberation - Giving Rise to Causation  

Saguaro Man 2016 is an opportunity to express your artistic incantations.

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** Who, What, When, Where Submissions ** Deadline for Printed Version is Sunday April 3, 2016 (After that date - additional submissions will be listed Online Only!)


Create & Participate, No Spectators!

Saguaro Man is an event created by the AZBurners and the Regional Burner community to bring the culture of Burning Man and Black Rock City to the Great State of Arizona. We expect each attendee to participate in the event in some way. Participation and creative interaction is a Core Value of our culture. Create, participate, no spectators! Respect for alternative lifestyles and cultures is required.

There is no water or power on this property. We will have Porta-Potties available for your use. You must bring everything you need to survive for five days in a hostile desert environment, then pack it all out with you when it is over. There is no garbage collection or receptacles, you must haul it out and dispose of it properly. Create, participate, pack it in-pack it out, leave no trace!

Join our Yahoo Group or send blank email to: SaguaroMan(at)yahoogroups(dot)com start a conversation, join in on the conversation, get the excitement going!!! Also check out the Saguaro Man Facebook Group.

Please make sure to review our Nudity & Children Policy which is in place to comply with Arizona Statutes and to ensure the survival of the Saguaro Man Event. Please direct comments to Scotto or by joining or starting a conversation on our Yahoo Group or the Saguaro Man Facebook Group or Join the Saguaro Man Kids Camp FaceBook Group.

What to Bring to Saguaro Man?

- Saguaro Man practices a gift economy.
- No vending, advertising or commercial activity allowed.
- The offering of any items or services for sale is prohibited.

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